Events and Activities Calendar

Our activities normally take place on the second Saturday of each month and start at 10am. These are advertised in our Newsletter and you can also find details on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter (@FBBVP).

  • June 8th - Pathway Improvements at Gilmerton Dykes and mini - clean up. Part of our ongoing programme of activity to save the pathways in the park from damage caused from being overgrown by grass and weeds. This month we'll be tackling the steps down from the Bothy. Meeting at the Bothy.

  • July 13th - Balsam Bashing - Balsam is an invasive species and over the years we have almost completely eradicated it from the park area. Join in, it's great fun too. Meeting at the Bothy.

  • August 10th - Pathway Maintenance. The Friends Group has been repairing pathways and removing overgrown areas. This work has included clearing and improving entrances. This has focused on Burdiehouse, but we've been widening that activity to tackle some of the overgrowth on steps. Meeting at Burdiehouse Crescent (west side)

  • September 14th - Fungi Walk. It's that time of year again. Our annual Fungi Walk will take place with a local expert. Great fun and always pleny of great fungi seen.

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