Get Involved - Volunteering is Good for You

Getting involved with the Friends is really easy. Our volunteers range from  4-96 years old, and we have retirees, young workers and executives involved in helping. Our tasks vary in terms of physical activity, but we always try and ensure that there's litter picking available for anyone who has any physical challenges.

Not only is volunteering great fun with some fantastic people, it's also good for you. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, it's some moderate physical activity which is always a good thing for people of all ages. Secondly, there's spending more time in this wonderful park. A range of studies have shown that spending time in green spaces helps improve wellbeing, with many lasting benefits. Even living near good green space helps make people happier according to at least one major study, and being a Friend of the Park will encourage you to spend more time there and feel good about making a real difference.

We undertake a regular programme of activities to make the park better for people and for wildlife. In the recent past we have:

  • Carried out a massive wildlife survey that significantly increased the number of known species in the park

  • Delivered the biggest ever 'Big Spring Clean' this year

  • Carried out bird and bat box installation

  • Tackled footway erosion through willow weaving, which involves 'Willow Weaving' to create a natural wall to protect the burn banking

  • We've run anti-litter and dog fouling campaigns to tackle the constant menace of just a small number of park users

  • We've secured £100,000 of pathway improvements and we're aiming to make the park part of a new pathway from the Pentlands to the seaside near Portobello

  • We've improved and cleared entrances and we've planted trees and shrubs all over the place

It's not all work though with nature walks that have included annual bat walks - over 60 attendees, bird walks, fungi walks and moth trapping. So, all you need to do is come along and join in when you can and the maximum commitment is only around a couple of hours a month.

You'll feel the better for it, so do join in our activities.

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